Ps3 trophy list not updating

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Sony announced the rollout in an 'everything you need to know' post on the European Play Station blog.

ORIGINAL STORY 6TH FEB: Sony's revealed new features coming to the Play Station 4 as part of the 5.50 update.

If you are always online, it happens as you get them.) However, if you are not connected to the internet, there is one DRASTIC option, that also WILL DELETE ALL SAVEGAMES and all non-synched trophies, and that is to format your internal harddrive.

But, other than that, there is no way to delete a trophy one it hit PSN I've seen this as well for demos on PS3, specifically PSN games.

"With supersampling mode, some games will render at a higher resolution and then be downscaled to match the HDTV - allowing PS4 Pro owners to leverage the benefits of an image clarity boost even if their PS4 Pro is not connected to a 4K TV.

Please note performance will vary, as games are optimised differently to take advantage of the power of PS4 Pro." Elsewhere, play time management gives family managers and adult family members who are set as guardian the ability to set time limits on when and for how long each child can play for. On the user interface front, two new tabs are added to Library to make it easier to see which apps you've installed and bought.

If you don't have it synced yet then yeah, they can be deleted.

If you've already synced by either viewing your profile or your trophies then I don't think you can delete them.

Or in the case of this Mercy trophy, completely impossible.

I wish you could though as I've seen the same thing for games I don't plan on buying.

UPDATE 8TH MARCH: PS4 system software update 5.50 launches today!

Resurrection no longer targets multiple players at once and is on cooldown as a standard ability, with a powerful boost called Valkyrie as her new ultimate.

While these abilities sound great for gameplay, there’s one major problem with this update.

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