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Below average cognitive abilities (sten 3 or lower) mean the individual needs to make particular efforts to find an area where they have other advantages (specialist interest, motivation, complementary personality traits).A consistent pattern of below average cognitive ability on assessments should alert us to the fact that the individual will need more time to master tasks not that they cannot succeed.Thus we might test a group of computer programmers and correlate their test results with their supervisors’ ratings of work performance.Another type of study involves testing applicants, and returning after a period of time to determine the relationship between test performance and measures of job performance.It is simply a conviction, a belief of blind faith that a selection test is valid.There is no empirical evidence and, what is more, none is wanted.

Empirical Validity (or predictive validity) is the relationship between test scores and some criterion of performance obtained, e.g. One type of validation study involves people currently employed.

” (from the MMPI) would probably be felt to have low face validity for occupational use.

Faith Validity is the least defensible type of validity but the most difficult to influence.

This type of thinking is particularly disturbing with personality questionnaires.

Clearly it is relatively easy to label a scale ‘Leadership’ or ‘Honesty’ but it is quite another matter to demonstrate whether it really works.

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Types of Validity Face Validity is concerned with whether a selection instrument appears to measure what it was designed to measure.