Randy harrison dating 2016

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Randy harrison dating 2016

Gale Morgan Harold III (born July 10, 1969) is an actor from U. A., known for his leading and recurring roles on Queer as Folk, Deadwood, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, The Secret Circle and Defiance.

He played the leading man in the indie hit film Falling for Grace. His father was an engineer and his mother a real estate agent.

He’s had other TV and film roles, but theater has always been his passion.

I've learned the necessity of constantly realigning your perspective and the importance of standing up for yourself and being constantly aware that people are going to skew and censor you...

This show has profound value; it’s really sustaining me as an artist. You saw Alan Cumming do the role of the Emcee, and Joel Grey in the movie.

Even though I’ve done musical theater a lot, I’m not quite part of the Broadway community. Any danger with becoming familiar with how others have played the part? I don’t have a danger of imitating other people who have played the role. You can watch a lot of performers do it on You Tube, including Norbert Leo Butz, Neil Patrick Harris, Joel and Alan.

He was the pretty young thing who the “older” (in their mid-to-late 20s) characters dismissed as merely a beautiful twink, but who had a lot more intelligence and passion for politics and art than anyone initially gave him credit for.

Justin had the most significant character arc in the show.

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He worked a variety of jobs including construction, bartender, waiter, and apprentice motorcycle mechanic and restorer.

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