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He said Russia will “keep monitoring” US forces in the Middle East. The Russian diplomat has called for an independent inquiry into the chemical attack after casting doubt on a UN probe. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has long planned and carried out the most important missions and operations of the Syrian regime.They were responsible, right down to the details, for the sporadically successful offensives in Aleppo in the north and Daraa in the south, which began in 2013.In early 2013, Hojatoleslam Mehdi Taeb, one of the planners behind Iran's engagement in Syria, said: "Syria is the 35th province of Iran and it is a strategic province for us." For several decades, the alliance between the Assads and Iran was a profitable one, particularly in opposition to the Iraq of Saddam Hussein, which long had the upper hand in the region.But today, Assad depends on Iran to remain in power, and Tehran is taking advantage of the situation.

Anger over the arrogance of the Iranians, who treat Syria like a colony, is also part of it, the Russian continues.

"But right after that came the fear of his friends," says a Russian official who long worked in his country's embassy in Damascus.

The friend he refers to is Iran, the Syrian regime's most important protector.

Trump launched the 59 Tomahawk missiles last week in revenge for a chemical attack that killed 79 innocent civilians.

Dozens of children choked to death in the suspected sarin gas attack which Western countries have blamed on the Syrian dictator.

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In Iran, the Revolutionary Guard is one of those groups intent on continuing the "Islamic Revolution" -- the victory of Shiites over the Sunnis.