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Ryan gossling dating

Along the way, in response to a changing internet landscape, we made changes in the site.

And, shortly after hitting Facebook Status “Update” button, we would stop and say, “Hmmm… oh, well…” The longer form that we adopted is a form that suits us well, but it is rather time-consuming.

We were the first publication– online or offline– to offer immediate daily updates on the Just For Laughs festival. We posted less, but what we posted was quite often lengthy and it invited commentary from our readers and sometimes set off debate.

(In 1999, we ventured to Montreal with a Polaroid instant camera and a scanner and we begged, borrowed or stole access to any dial-up connection we could. ) Eventually, when cellphones, smartphones, wi-fi and social media exploded– when anybody and everybody was able to quickly disseminate news or commentary on matters related to standup– we narrowed our focus further. Initially, a good portion of our content centered on our personal/professional lives– grinning photos from the green room, festival highlights, detailed accounts of our Last Comic Standing appearance.

Through it all, we tried to offer an entertaining and honest opinion, though.

And honesty, no matter how painful some folks might find it, is, more often than not, respected. even after all the grumbling we did about LCS, the producers of the show thought it would be a good idea to invite us to audition.

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We’re currently writing this, together, in our hotel room at the Borgata in Atlantic City.) In a further evolution, we want to be able to write without looking a the clock or the calendar.