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In season 3, he tries to date both Elizabeth and Cece but it does not last long.

He moves into neighboring apartment 4C allowing for Coach to return as a roommate, but later moves back to 4D after he uses his savings to fund a storefront for Jess' sister, and shares a room with Nick.

He eventually proposes to her in the episode "Mario", and they marry in the episode "The Curse of the Pirate Bride".

In the series finale, he and Jess move out of the loft to a two-bedroom apartment.

In the episode "Bells", it is revealed that he is fairly frugal and prefers to repair things in the apartment by himself rather than hire outside help. He and Jess become attracted to each other and they kiss in the season 2 episode "Cooler".

Afterwards, he and Jess are confused as to how to deal with their relationship, but later have sex in the episode "Virgins".

He is relatively wealthy compared to his roommates, having bought the couch and refrigerator, and splurging on things such as an 80-dollar sushi plate; it was also noted that his family spent ,000 on his Bar Mitzvah.A flash-forward reveals that he and Jess have a son in the future.He is an overly confident ladies' man who is originally from Long Island, New York.Jess' best friend Cece (Hannah Simone) regularly visits her, and their former roommate Coach (Damon Wayans, Jr.) also appears in some seasons.The show also features a number of characters that appear as love interests, acquaintances, or family members for the characters in multiple episodes in a season or across multiple seasons.

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The series follows her adventures as she goes through various relationships and jobs.