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These are still pretty cheap, costing about , and they will give you better results than most other methods for determining harvest.This is an example of a digital microscope that will let you more closely see the trichomes.With some strains, you may see a bunch of new pistils appear right when you think you’re getting close.

The good news is your buds will get bigger and more dense in that time!

A digital microscope typically takes video and produce bigger and more clear pictures of trichomes than a jeweler’s loupe or other small magnifiers.

Not only can you see the trichomes better, but you can record video of them to look over after the fact.

These trichromes are the ‘crystals’, or ‘frosty stuff’ you see accumulating on your bud/leaves. The trichomes you’re trying to see look like little mushrooms.

You may also see tiny, clear hair-like trichomes the mushroom head but these don’t affect potency so you can ignore them.

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