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Homeopathic medicines can work wonders in such cases and help avoid surgery.

The conventional system of medicine considers benign prostate hyperplasia a case for surgical intervention. Homeopathic medicines are very effective in treating benign prostate hyperplasia.

In BPH grade 3, there is significant obstruction and post residual urine volume of more than 100ml.

In fact, most cases of mild to moderate enlargement of prostate gland respond exceedingly well to Homeopathic treatment.

Residual urine refers to the urine remaining in the urinary bladder at the end of micturition.

There are three grades of benign prostate hyperplasia and they show the level of progression of the disease.

In BPH grade 1, there are no troublesome symptoms and no significant obstruction.

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The clinical symptoms of BHP include straining to begin urination, frequent urge to pass urine, weak urine stream, dribbling after urination, urgent need to urinate, interrupted urination and sensation of incomplete emptying of the bladder.