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We think we're offering something that helps people live a better life."For JOI residents, the boundaries between virtual world and real world are fluid, a convergence the community supports and encourages.

More than one real-world couple met in JOI, and Badgirl says one upcoming in-world wedding is likely to lead to the real thing offline.

Sociolotron emphasizes game play and interactive story rather than ILM-worthy graphics, and actively discourages chatting about your life outside the game. It emphasizes multimedia, beautiful graphics and emergent relationships. Yet both platforms exist because the creators wanted to play in a particular type of environment and couldn't find it, so they built it.

Both worlds take every precaution possible, short of home visits, to ensure an adults-only population.

"But a small group stays long enough to explore the real, deeper values of the game, and they really start to have fun."He doesn't mind that, and in fact has been known to suggest to some new players that Sociolotron isn't for them. Both Patric and Badgirl have spent their personal savings on development costs, and Patric is a one-man shop. "I take my cell phone so I can get messages from the server, just in case.")Badgirl's team is scattered across the globe; someone often has to get up at 3 a.m. Most of them, including Badgirl, have other jobs."But the developers are extremely dedicated," she says.

For outsiders, the thought of "sex by typing" makes little sense.Once you open the platform to the public, it becomes theirs, and the community that forms will determine the fate of your investment.I talked to two designers whose erotic virtual worlds have been open to the public for more than a year, asking what they've learned from the experience and what has contributed to their success."Our game is special, and you (either) get hooked or (you don't).It's hard to get into (for casual players)," he says.

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and Yahoo Personals in Naughty America's The Game (NSFW) to Red Light Center's (NSFW) blatantly pornographic online mall.

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