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That’s because Barrick lives in North Carolina, where any couple seeking to end their marriage, regardless of cause, must wait for a “cooling off” period of one year and one day from the date they separate.This divorce purgatory has already taken a significant toll on Barrick.

Two Republican Senators, both women, co-sponsored the bill. “If you are convicted of stabbing your wife she should not have to wait a year to divorce you.“I want this for anybody in North Carolina who is in this situation,” she says.“My situation is nothing compared to what other people have gone through.[They] noted that men in a black company, who were prohibited from dating the white women on the island, organized Saturday night parties “in which many men appeared dressed as women and at which homosexual practices were common.” In most parts of the country, hotels and motels, as well as the military bases, were racially segregated, at times making it impossible for black or interracial couples or groups to rent a room.…One WAC testified that she asked a “dyke” from Fort Jackson, South Carolina, if the white and black lesbians were able to mix.

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In November, Barrick created a petition addressed to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, State Attorney General Josh Stein, and the state’s General Assembly, asking them to amend the statute, G. 50-6, that requires would-be divorcees to wait more than a year.

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