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Approximately 10% of the population of this subspecies have white or cream-colored coats due to a recessive gene and are called "kermodes" or "spirit bears".

In 1859, a black bear and a Eurasian brown bear were bred together in the London Zoological Gardens, but the three cubs died before they reached maturity.

All provinces indicated stable populations of black bears over the last decade.

The current range of black bears in the United States is constant throughout most of the Northeast, and within the Appalachian Mountains almost continuously from Maine to north Georgia, the northern Midwest, the Rocky Mountain region, the West Coast and Alaska.

These Tremarctine bears evolved from bears that had emigrated from Asia to North America 7–8 ma.

while the American black bears remained arboreal omnivores, like their Asian ancestors.

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Paul Lo and Jun Zhao of Vancouver, together with Peter Hargadon and Anne Cameron of Ottawa, are delighted to announce the engagement of their children, Xueli Kaycee Leigh Zhao and Daniel Patrick Hargadon.

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  1. The selfie trend inspired the now-defunct Facebook page “With My Besties in Auschwitz” (translated from Hebrew) and the more broadly focused Tumblr “Selfies at Serious Places.” Some artists, have used this material to create works that condemn flippant behavior at similar locations.