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Singer sewing machine model dating

Singer sewing machines can be dated by using either the model number or serial number, although you may be able to better pinpoint an exact year of manufacture using the serial number.

Use the larger number if there appears to be two different serial numbers on your machine.

Consequently, you may have to try to use the model and serial numbers as you go through the process of dating the machine. The serial number will not be the same as the model number.

Typically, the serial number can be found on the lower backside or the underside of the machine.

Graham Forsdyke worked with the Singer Company directly to remove some of the errors and fix the anomalies in the old chart records, but some have still been found, especially in the post-ET serial number sequences.

Singer sewing machines date to 1851 when Isaac Merritt Singer started a sewing machine company.Look for the model number of your machine if you are unable to locate the serial number or it is unreadable.The Singer model numbers are usually located on the hand-wheel side of the machine, on the front panel or in the case of some of the earliest machines, there might be no model number, but there should still be a serial number.Whether it is a brand new or vintage machine, the Singer brand name will be on the machine.On some of the older models, which might have the brand name painted onto the finish of the machine, the lettering might be too scratched or faded to read.

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