South park dating sim demo

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South park dating sim demo

My personal favorite though has to be Gerald, who swoops in high on cat piss in a reference to the South Park episode "Major Boobage".Boss fights are a particular joy, with each one focusing as a climax to a major plot point while throwing out some fun wrinkles to the usual combat.Combat has likewise been expanded from a simple Paper Mario copycat into a more robust grid-based system where positioning and timing are important, and a wider variety of enemies will challenge players to stay on their toes.

My personal favorite involved a boss that could not be targeted directly, but instead needed to be tricked into attacking its allies.

I'll stay away from late-game spoilers, but one early example has an obese stripper chasing you down as you fight a horde of other exotic dancers.

You can't get around or avoid the boss, and she unleashes a one-hit kill attack based on a timer instead of taking a turn like everyone else - this means it's a race for you to deal damage effectively and cuts down on your ability to patiently strategize.

Standard combat is far more fun and varied than Stick of Truth's thanks to the grid and focus on positioning, but the boss battles show how versatile and creative the development team are this time around.

Meanwhile, little has changed in the town of South Park itself.

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For starters, it's a more polished experience, even with a small number of few bugs popping up during my playthrough - one caused my character to face the wrong way during a cutscene while another crashed the game mid-combat, though I was able to return quickly and not lose progress. While things start slow, the game ramps up and becomes an intriguing mystery featuring the return of one of the show's best villains.

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