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In the summer it's not as bad, you can meet nice girls all over.The Common is a pretty good spot if you are late 20s to early 30s. Create a profile and order your new babe like a pizza. There's someone for everyone, direct your creative juices to what you desire.Im not into bars but its always a nice change of pace to talk to someone cool at the grocery store, walking or out enjoying hobbies.Online dating works quite well, especially in this colder weather.As a single woman that doesn’t go to bars or dog parks (my dog isn’t a dog park kind of girl) I’m resigned to dying alone unless someone asks me out at walmart or Home Depot. I'm lost in those places and asked if she knew where stuff was, she then asked what I was making and ended up inviting me to make the lasagna at her place Plus it seems online dating leads to people not viewing each other like actual humans with feelings (i.e. Haha That is not as strange as it sounds, I'm a single guy who doesn't go to bars etc, met one lady at grocery store sort of by accident.sadly you would probably enjoy the lasagna more than my company lol, also online dating profiles are fake as...cannot think of a comparison so fake to be fairedit: got it!

Hopefully soon I'll graduate to step #2 - smile during eye contact. Although many don’t like online dating, it’s the most conventional.

You come, meet some people, have a quick chat and see if you have enough in common to spend some time together. People love our events because they are focused on chemistry.

We all know what we want, we would just like the opportunity to find it.

We are bringing Speed Dating to different parts of Edmonton, in different age groups at an affordable price. Come and have an open mind and be ready to meet some fun people!

Each event we have limited spots for 15 females and 15 males in that particular age group.

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$22 for this event will include a beverage This event will aimed at career minded 20-30y age groups (1-2 years give/take on either end).