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Speed dating in wilmington delaware

The reasons shown in the records vary from being worn out, to still more cabooses being retired due to wreck damage.

An accurate narrative of caboose dispositions since the late 1970s is difficult due to both the quantity of cabooses involved and the completeness of the railroad's records.

Upon closer, examination, UP 25000 had suffered a severe fire that had apparently started in, the vicinity of its stove, and which had almost completely gutted this historic, caboose's interior.

In a related side note, and admittedly a small matter of, numbers that are applied to identical cabooses, but still worth mention, is the, caboose at Heber City, Utah.

The train was a double-stack container train for American President, Lines.

In May 1973, 18 of the oldest steel cabooses, the CA-3s built in, 1942, were sold.Eleven CA-4s (UP 25120, 25124, 25134, 25143, 25163, 25165, 25167, 25168, 25172, 25194, and 25197) were retired and sold in November 1969.Seven of these 11 cars were sold to Montour Railroad (MTR), where they were numbered as MTR 31 and MTR 34-39.It was during the late 1970s that records start becoming incomplete, with many cabooses shown with a retirement date, but no recorded disposition.Large groups of cabooses are shown as being retired in a single month, i.e.

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(Return to UP Caboose Index Page) (Return to UP Steel Caboose Index Page) The earliest steel cabooses to face retirement on Union Pacific were five cabooses retired due to wreck damage, prior to the 25000-series renumbering in 1959.