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Every plan comes with 25Mbps download speeds, which is one of the fastest rates available.

If you use up your allotted bandwidth during the month, Hughes Net doesn’t cut off your internet service.

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You get an additional 50GB each month to use at full speeds during Hughes Net’s Bonus Zone, which is the off-peak hours between 2 a.m. Also, many television providers, such as DISH, let you bundle their services with Hughes Net for a discount.At these events you can meet 100s of employers who have 1000s of job openings! You will never remember everyone's name and information so write them down as soon as you leave each booth. Many Pittsburgh companies will advertise the positions they are seeking to fill prior to the job fair they will be attending.However, even if you dont see a job you are interested in, or qualified for, you should use job fair to meet the hiring managers for the Pittsburgh companies in attendance. First, meeting an insider at that company will give you an opportunity to pitch your resume and perhaps see where else you might fit into their organization.Much like speed dating, job fair interviews in Pittsburgh are short and specific.That means you have to be comfortable giving your own interview version of an elevator speech.

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This is especially helpful if that particular company is on your list of targeted businesses in Pittsburgh for who you would like to work. A second reason to attend a job fair in Pittsburgh is to get a lot of practice interviewing. This is an event where a large group of single people meet each other one on one for only a few minutes.