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After Tribune acquired KCPQ in early 1999, KTWB's license was transferred to a trustee in the short-term until the FCC's approval of television duopolies later that year, though Tribune managed and operated the station during this period via a local marketing agreement.

In 2004, KTWB revised its on-air brand from WB 22 to Seattle's WB as part of a groupwide branding effort.

With KCPQ now in the kids business, the best cartoons were now airing on KSTW and KCPQ, leaving KTZZ with leftovers (which still was about 5 hours worth of cartoons a day).At the time the station signed on, there was a hole in the Seattle market for cartoons and sitcoms.While KSTW (channel 11) was running such programming, KCPQ counter-programmed with more adult fare like dramas, game shows, and movies.The station began broadcasting as KTZZ-TV on June 22, 1985.The call letters stood for Television 22, the Zs closely resembling numeral 2s.

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Originally, to keep people from changing channels, the station broadcast only its station identification—no commercials—between the closing credits of one show and the opening credits of the next show.