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Starview 4 data updating

See also Star View for Star Center Video Tutorials ○ Now your call data is available via RESTful API.

Automatically archive your data, import into your database, or integrate the call data with a third party application with ease.

Today's technology allows the convenient remote control of telescopes.

Thus, telescopes can be set up far away from interference due to civilization and, at the same time, many people can be given access to the telescope.

Because the three stars you selected are too close to each other in the image and a small change in their tex.coord.

will cause a big difference in the overall transformation.

The current version allows control of the telescope over the Internet.

The server computer is a standard PC: in our case a Pentium-II 233 MHz with a T1/Ethernet Internet connection at Portland State University.

The telescope is connected to the server computer over the serial port (RS-232).

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) applications are written in order to control the telescope and the camera.

CGIs are used to make decisions dynamically based on user input on a web page.

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The camera is mounted on the telescope and connected the parallel port (Quickcam).

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