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Style format not updating

You just added a numbering scheme to the main heading style, Heading 1.Beginning with Heading 2, add the scheme to the sublevel headings, as follows: click OK yet — you're still not done.When you've formatted all your number levels, click OK — finally!Once you're back in the Modify Style dialog box, don't be in a hurry to click OK.Admittedly, this advice isn't always practical, but it's the best way to start if you can.You could create a new set of styles, but for our purposes, Word's existing heading styles, Heading 1, Heading 2, and so on, provide a good foundation.Working with an existing document and all its in-use styles can be troublesome.It can be done, but changing styles that are already in use almost always has far-reaching repercussions.

Simply select the appropriate number in the Level control and repeat the steps outlined above, updating the settings as necessary.

Most everything you need is built in and can be easily modified.

If heading styles are already in use and you must work in a production document, you'll have to create new styles.

Dividing a document into sections lets you customize formats for a section's content and purpose.

For instance, you might want a single page to be in landscape in the middle of a portrait document.

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These tips will help you work more efficiently and judicially when applying formats.

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