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Thedatinggroup org

can u tell me where it goes – do you have an open accounts policy?Hillsong was founded in the Sydney CBD in the late seventies by Frank Houston.But God only requires the minimum donation of our love does he not according to the Bible – or is he happier when we give up our money too?I think he may well be – but it’s what happens to it afterwards that concerns me.Also known as Word-faith theology is one of the hallmarks of Hillsong church’s teaching as in Houston’s book .Essentially the theology teaches that God wants his people wealthy and prosperous, and has given them the ability to “unleash” this power from within.Brian Houston says “you can arrange a meeting and see the Hillsong books if you so wish – there’s absolutely nothing to hide”. I found this statement about Hillsong Church an unfair thing to print which is not here to defend itself, but after 2 years of attending Hillsongs Church and seeing the good but also hearing and to some degree – experiencing some reservations, I felt compelled to explore my own feelings and try to work out why people and occasionally I had these negative thoughts.

Keywords:fraud prevention, scams, bogus callers, theft, theft prevention, scam, prevention, UV torch, property marking, security marking Discover uk website stats, rating, details and status online.:) In any case – normally those people and organisations with bad intentions evade and avoid and say “it’s not your business” – “we’ll do things the way we want – right church – yea!!!” After all – The Bible says “it is is not for man to judge other men”.All I needed was a little reasurance that the money was going to be used in ways that Christ would have endorsed.How one would find out exactly how the money was being used I have no clue – hey Hillsong people…

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Maybe it’s bitterness at seeing such a ‘successful’ church or, maybe I’m not right when I react to seeing young kids putting money into envelopes three times in one meeting – after all – the church need to pay bills like everyone else and have frankly huge expenses. The question is – was he talking about life on earth, or the afterlife – or perhaps were expected to be happy with our lot – live from day to day and some will be poor and some will be rich – ie we are not to be in the pursuit of money and must accept that some will be given riches and some not. It would be the opposite of Christ himself’s lifestyle whom we are asked to follow by picking up our cross. Some of the poorest people on earth are the most blessed and vice versa. I believe God doesn’t want to bless – but that we must be happy if we are not financially rich – and strive to make ourselves better – more skilled, more giving – yes – but not strive to be financially secure as in reality there is no such thing!

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