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Posted by / 13-Apr-2020 15:24

There is a lot of fantasy / reality collisions going on in these situations in general, and I think that for people on both sides it's easier to stay firmly planted in the fantasy realm then it is to actually seriously take on the complications. The power dynamics can be staggeringly complex, the projections and expectations overwhelming.

That goes for trans women of color who get unreal levels of harassment and violence on dating platforms and apps.” Thurst, which is currently in beta, hopes to launch early next year.Its a fantasy not meant for day to day reality.-- addendum: A Post-Op Transwoman would be even less interesting to me then one that kept her original plumbing.Surgically crafted vaginas don't self lubricate, and the don't orgasm in as significant a way as a natural born one.This also makes these women pretty cynical about the whole situation, and dating often ends up more like a sugar daddy situation.Next, being a really passable transwoman takes a lot of work, it's a full on lifestyle! Think your regular girlfriend takes forever to get ready to go out?

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