Trophy wife and dating

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Her husband moved between residences as he would move between rooms,” wrote Wolff.

He won’t take on a man if he feels he won’t attract what he’s looking for. Because they know that any guy we set them up with is financially stable, educated, and he’s been screened by us.Carolyn, who was a real estate agent, fit his desires: slim, blonde and college educated.‘I wasn’t looking for a rich guy, I wanted a guy who had his act together,’ says Carolyn.Even the matchmakers, mostly hidden away in their offices, look as if they could win beauty contests.Going Wife-Spotting His VIP agency, as Donaldson likes to call it, evolved from another company he owned.

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I just want an attractive woman who’ll treat me nicely,’ says Schindler, a 52-year-old property magnate who joined the agency two years ago. Guys are attracted by a pretty face, good body and a woman’s age’.