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Unintimidating thesaurus

Seniors were chosen from a list of 100 persons registered for Meals-on-Wheels, and teenagers chosen were primarily from the same neighborhood.

Collecting oral histories and making art works intensified the exchange of personal history and culture, reduced age-related stereotypes, and empowered young and older participants.

She thinks it fell off as she mixed the batter and is now inside one of the tamale, but when she enlists her cousins in eating the tamales to find the ring, it’s still missing.

As the groups started mapping, I walked around the room where I heard teachers and coaches engaged in the kind of meaningful conversations, happy grappling and problem solving I wrote about last week, as they debated where to put events on their maps.

Focusing on real-world issues of green crime and environmental justice, chapters examine ecological withdrawals, ecological additions, toxic towns, wildlife poaching and trafficking, environmental laws, and nongovernmental environmental organizations.

The book also presents an unintimidating introduction to research from the physical sciences on issues such as climate change, pollution levels, and the ecological footprint of humans, providing a truly interdisciplinary foundation for green criminological analysis.

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