Updating d2pro

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Updating d2pro

the clicking drive issue only occurs in a small small amount of drives so if your drive is not one of them, then there is no need. You either need one of those special overpriced LG drives or an SD gecko sd card or a USB gecko.Hi, Is there step by step instructions or a tutorial out there on how to update the D2Pro software with the D2Pro programmer.

I've seen it happen on two different Wii's.Cet utilitaire système met à jour la configuration de la puce D2PRO, il a le mérite de nous donner la version du chipset de votre console Wi et nous donne le firmeware de la puce , ici 2.5 sur la photo.Pour configurer le menu on peut le faire en utilisant le bouton de reset (bien pratique si on est dépourvu de manette).I do know connect the flat cable without the USB cable connected. Can it be done before the mod chip is installed into the WII ???If it is installed in the WII, does the WII have to be powered up while flashing the D2Pro ??? Hi, Does anyone know where to buy the LG burners that will read the WII disks from in Australia ???

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* LG-8164b * LG-8163b * LG-8162b * LG-8161b You also need:- *Raw dump 2.0 Framework 2.0 If so is there other programs that can be used to back up the game & how long does the process take this way ??? Cheers Hi, Received the D2pro, D2pro programmed and flex pad. I have followed the instructions on flash updating the D2pro chip to v1.1.

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