Updating iphone sdk

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Updating iphone sdk

Custom attributes values can be strings, booleans (like true or false), numbers, or lists of strings, booleans or numbers.

If you enter a custom value on our dashboard that looks like a number or a boolean, it'll be interpreted that way.

If you want to dig even deeper, our SDKs are open source-- head to our i OS SDK Git Hub repository to look under the hood.

If you haven't taken a look at our Quickstart guide yet, we recommend starting there to see how install our SDK into your i OS application. You can use a primary key, an e-mail address, or a hash, as long as the same user always has the same key. All of the other attributes (like attributes) are optional.

Launch Darkly manages all flags for a user context in real-time by polling flags based on a real-time event stream.

When a flag is modified via the Launch Darkly dashboard, the flag values for the current user will update almost immediately.

This means developers of new apps must ensure they accommodate the notch and go edge-to-edge on the 5.8-inch OLED screen.

Apple has not set a deadline for when updates to existing apps must support i Phone X natively.

In Launch Darkly, you can tie these events to goals in A/B tests.They let you target users according to any data that you want to send to us-- organizations, groups, account plans-- anything you pass to us becomes available instantly on our dashboard.You can optionally configure the i OS SDK to treat some or all user attributes as private user attributes.Anonymous users work just like regular users, except that they won't appear on your Users page in Launch Darkly.You also can't search for anonymous users on your Features page, and you can't search or autocomplete by anonymous user keys.

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To perform real-time updates in your app, your base class will need to conform to the method of the protocol is also called (with the specific flag key) when a flag value is changed.