Updating old interior doors

Posted by / 11-Mar-2020 01:51

No where does this feature bother me more than in the first floor hallway.

It’s a small space, maybe 7 ft x 5 ft and there are FOUR dark doors off this space; my room, my son’s room, the utility closet and the bathroom.

For the bathroom door, I did both sides because people spend a bit of time in there with the door closed.

Add in the primer, paint, adhesive and spray paint and it was still less than half the cost of ONE new, solid wood door and I got FOUR new looking doors & a mini hallway makeover!

Over time, an interior door collects scuffs and scrapes, and these small imperfections can ruin the entire aesthetic of your home.

Low-gloss or matte finishes limit obvious problems but repeated scrubbing can cause damage.

While you can paint a door that's hanging on its hinges, you're better served by removing it and laying it across a set of sawhorses. If you have a wood door, consider using stain to achieve a warm, inviting look.

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