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By following my method, you can upgrade the graphics card in any Windows operating system quickly.When you don’t want to waste time with the manual procedures. Having successfully found drivers for your new graphics card, you may now find that Windows also re-discovers your monitor.It provides a standard development platform for Windows-based PCs by enabling software developers to access specialised hardware features without having to write hardware-specific code.

If both your new graphics card and motherboard are Plug and Play compatible, Windows may detect your new card automatically. In this case it doesn’t, but don’t despair there’s lots yet to try! Windows offers to try to detect new non Plug and Play hardware. First introduced in 1995, Microsoft’s Direct X is an advanced suite of multimedia application programming interfaces (APIs) built into Windows operating systems.Almost all businesses offer the latest version of drivers free of cost.Whatever the operating system you are using, you can see and in device manager. Click on arrow mark at Display adopters as shown in above screen shot. I hope you got the solution to Update graphics card driver issue.However, the following Windows XP screenshots are included to give an indication of the extent by which graphics drivers have grown in sophistication and complexity since the days of the Matrox Millennium II!: Invoke by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop, clicking Properties and selecting Settings.

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Click Advanced to display details about the display sub-system in general and the graphics card adapter in particular.

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