User control not updating visual studio

Posted by / 23-Dec-2019 16:27

This forces any existing document window to close, and causes the returned document handle to hold a RDT_Edit Lock.When you need to keep the document handle for longer periods of time, cast it to IVs Invisible Editor and use Get Doc Data to get a pointer to a fresh object model.Provides information about a result from an XML Web service discovery session.Use the Get Reference Info(Int32, IReference Info) method of the IDiscovery Result interface to get an instance of this interface.

For packages guid Service argument is not used and will be ignored.Enumerator for a collection of windows such as the open document windows.You can get an instance of the interface using the Get Document Window Enum(IEnum Window Frames) and Get Tool Window Enum(IEnum Window Frames) methods of the IVs UIShell interface.In effect, it provides the mechanism through which VSPackages can contribute to the environment.The IProffer Service interface is part of SProffer Service.

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