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Validating xmlreader

For more information about XML, see the W3C XML 1.0 Recommendation.

For more information about XML Schema, see the W3C XML Schema Part 1: Structures Recommendation and the W3C XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes Recommendation.

Because the inline schema appears as a child element of the root element, the root element cannot be validated when inline schema validation is performed. Could not find schema information for the element 'root'.

The cost of this type of capability is the resource requirements needed to keep each node in memory. The SAX API was one of the first attempts in the XML community to solve the problem of parsing large XML documents.I've been trying to work out how to validate XML against XSD in PHP but failed to do so due to lack of examples. I've came up with example below but it doesn't work properly.My Example: 18 MB xml with 258.230 lines Result: XMLReader - 656.14199638367 ms, 379064 bytes DOMDocument - 483.04295539856 ms, 369280 bytes So i decided to go with DOMDocument, but just try it with your own xml and xsd and use your faster choice.Methods are called for the document, elements, attributes, and other types of nodes.This type of API is called a "push model" because the document information is pushed from the parser to the client.

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DTDs use a formal grammar to describe the structure and syntax of compliant XML documents; they specify content and values allowed for the XML document.

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