Vietnamese dating etiquette

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Vietnamese dating etiquette

Most people could not bear the word "divorce' because of society prejudice, family prejudice and our own prejudice to the divorced.

And people often hold more unfavorable look to women and blame her for not being able to maintain a happy family.

You’ll know right away which one is which right from the very moment you interact with them.If you have already set foot in Vietnam, then you only need to explore outside and be at the right places in order to have great chances of meeting lovely Vietnam Girls of the land.You have the option to login online and take advantage of some cool dating sites where you can meet Vietnamese women, and start from there, or just go out and randomly meet them.You can't really kiss, cuddle, or act all touchy-feely with each other in public (feel free to do it, but it will be frown upon). Girlfriends are expected to cook, do housework, doll up, take care of the kids if any, and let the guys take the lead. In the US (or other developed countries), the feminists would have a field day over this.. Guys in Asia love to learn how to trick their girlfriends into having sex with them, but if she agrees to, she is a slut, and they will not consider marrying a slut. Many kids nowadays start dating at as young as 8, but we are not discussing the sluts and the ..studs (? It's not about doing monkey business for free."In the US, people start dating at a younger age and are not exactly in a rush to marry anybody. Talking about marriage leads me to my next point, which is.You can do it in private, sure, but most people live at home with their parents and extended family or with friends. On the other hand, the guys are expected to pay for everything, buy gifts, pamper their girlfriends, and "be a man". In Korea this is a 선 (seon), in Japan this is an お見合い (omiai) – a blind date arranged by parents.

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If you are in love with a Vietnamese girl and want to marry her, congratulation to you.