Visio 2016 updating directory cache

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If you don't do this, there is a greater chance that any users who run Setup while you are updating the layout might not be able to get all of the content from the layout because it is not yet completely updated.

Let's walk through how to create and then update a layout: to perform verification on the offline cache supplied.

You can get a free trial of Enterprise mode here) by clicking on the tab and making the appropriate selection(s). A manual reboot will likely be required on target machines once the deployment is successful (Pro or Enterprise Mode required). For Pro and Enterprise Mode packages, a Reboot step can be added to reboot machines after the installation completes. Installation Hangs: In certain rare cases, it might be necessary to modify the Options tab .

For instance, only install on certain operating systems. You will want to make sure and set the conditions here as well to avoid an unintended reboot of something important. You should only make this change if you receive time out errors or the deployment hangs indefinitely.

Once the necessary elements have been added to the deployment, a bubble/arrow-free Install Step window would look something like this (For Free Mode packages, the package is complete when correctly configured): 3.

Next, set the conditions (Pro or Enterprise Mode required.

The "catalog.json" file is the obsolete catalog manifest you'll need to pass to the option.

The other file contains the version of this obsolete catalog manifest.

You should see this when both steps have been completed: 8.

Typically, this is saved in the same directory as the Office file.

For the purposes of this article, the saved MSP is called 2.

before you go down this “drastic” route, please get a cup of coffee and think about pressing the Enter key. The side effects are that your personal environment resets to default and many, if not all, the Visual Studio extension have to be re-installed.

The worst side effect, unless you are Swiss and keep everything documented to the nth degree, is that the Team Foundation Server and Collection configuration evaporates during the user data reset.

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(This is new in 15.3.) If you are using a layout of an older version, you should use the same command-line parameters that you used when you first created the network install layout (in other words, the same workloads and languages) to update its content.

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