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But what if you dated someone who actually valued your time? They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but then again, so is heaven. It’s an effective marketing tactic, and isn’t dating all about marketing yourself to potential partners? And if my marketing skills garner me a fair wage for eating amazing Flagstaff House dinners with entertaining duds, well, it’ll be an hour, boys, including prep time, 0 minimum.No matter how you date, not everyone you encounter along your journey from singlehood to the altar will be The One Worthy. There are going to be a few duds, douches and detours along the way. But wouldn’t it all hurt less if you were compensated for the ones that didn’t work out? Sometimes, it takes a little incentive to win someone over.

Yes, 99% of the men on this site are REALLY unattractive...

(Plus nothing is stopping these men from dating unattractive women IN THEIR OWN LEAGUE for FREE!!!!

) Yes, there are plenty of guys on this site that will ONLY pay for sex, and truthfully, they shouldn't even be on this site at all. Yet they don't want to admit that this is what they'd have to do to get sex, so they're hoping to get a "regular girl" from this site to comply. And I would say the girl is only DESERVING of that money if she is a good date (nice, charming, good conversationalist, etc).

The site Whats Your offers the “generous” opportunity to go on dates with the “attractive” — for a price.

One participant “winks” at another, the winkee pitches a price, the two bid, and for the right price, these typically 30- to 50-year-old men take out attractive, younger women.

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I teach yoga to underprivileged Hispanic children, and unfortunately he thinks their parents should leave the country if they can’t speak the language. M was pissed his first date had been with a gold digger.