White parents against interracial dating sex dating in big delta alaska

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They sent the wrong man if he cuts any wire believing that the red, black, blue, white or green wires all function the same.

Said another way, the lost racial identity, already prominent in 30% of the world's population, may be part of the reason for the subtle chaos, epidemic in all the so-called "open societies!

The examples that nature gives by its unilateral choices should set the tone for how we think about "physically mixing the most complex of all created things, humans." It is interesting to note that prior to the early 1900s, everyone on earth, with very few exceptions, knew that marriage to one's own racial kind, was the most natural and undisputed of all human traditions.

The evidence of this powerful genetic wisdom is seen in the reality that 93% of all those who marry or couple, still do so with a member of their own race.

Instead it speaks to a creative wisdom working to preserve each element, kind, species and race as it was originally created--forming a universe where an unnumbered variety cooperate in the shaping of a beautiful whole.

Marriage was never designed solely for two people to take pleasure in each other, sexually or otherwise.It is obvious that nature "intermarries nothing." It is a natural law of existence to pair, or reproduce "like kinds only." If one goes to the store for cranapple juice, nature, not nature's God, produced it.The science of creation has demonstrated through all of existence that it is, by nature, "purist."It has been said that "life is like a pyramid and man is its top-cap.None could ever explain why they would choose a partner of a different race if indeed there were no "differences." If similarity was what they really searched for, as they often claimed, a better choice would obviously be someone that was like unto their parents.Interracial marriage is often born of a disdain for oneself and an unconscious drive to erase oneself via the next generation.

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For all living things, outside mankind, the decisions about life, reproducing, death, and destiny are made by a permanent, tamper-proof programming. And even similar kinds, like doves and pigeons, will not mate!