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You will explore the wonders of the ocean depths within the body of an invincible killing machine. You visit the Amazon Rainforest, the Sahara Desert, and the South Pole. You wonder how the Curiosity Rover lasted so long without dying of boredom. You bounce from industry to industry, usually doing jobs for the people at the top whose jobs are so important that the need to get them done right overrides their desire to avoid contact with you.

Well, long story short, it is totally unfair that colossal cannibal great white sharks were a thing and if you had known this was the way Nature worked you never would have gone along with this green pill business. It takes about a week before you’ve exhausted all of the interesting tourist sites. One year you get an offer you can’t refuse from the King of Saudi Arabia.

Black You know on an intellectual level that there are people who would choose something other than the black pill, just like you know on an intellectual level that there are people who shoot up schools.

That doesn’t mean you expect to ever understand it.

Finally it flaps away, feeling cheated, and you become a sparrow again just in time to give yourself a relatively soft landing. The last thing you hear is somebody shouting “We found one! The last thing you feel is a harpoon piercing your skull. Blue Okay, so you see Florence and Jerusalem and Kyoto in an action-packed afternoon. You don’t see anything that looks alive in the ocean, though. You gain a reputation both for brilliance and for fearsomeness.

It just sort of happened when your demonstration of how rebels in the military might launch a coup went better than you expected. But this fails to translate into lucrative endorsement contracts.Pink You were always pretty, but never pretty pretty. He’d never shown any interest in you before, no matter how much you flirted with him. You worry that your bluff has been called until you realize that, in fact, you are a master hacker.A couple of guys liked you, but they were never the ones you were into. So you took the pink pill, so that no one would ever be able to not love you again. So you join the NSA and begin an illustrious career hacking into Russian databases, stalling Iranian centrifuges, and causing Chinese military systems to crash at inconvenient times.Sometimes you forget how incompetent everybody else is. Nobody wants their spokesman to be a bodybuilder without a sixpack, and although you used to be pretty buff, you’re getting scrawnier by the day.Your personal trainer tells you that you only maintain muscle mass by doing difficult work at the limit of your ability, but your abilities don’t seem to have any limits. I don’t know what came over me.” Then he walks off. “But don’t touch me.” He seems a little put out by this latter request, but the heat of his passion is so strong he would do anything you ask.

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