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Adams explains: “I just made my version of her 1989 album and didn’t know if I would put it out. “I’m working on a couple of different things and I will write a book about the early times of my career, because there are funny stories which I don’t want to forget.“People don’t really want to talk to me about my version of Taylor Swift. I am OK with that.” With his life on the up, Adams is also planning to follow in the footsteps of idol Johnny Marr and write his autobiography. “But now, I’m just enjoying this time as things are pretty good.” Prisoner is out today.Help, you guys, we can’t stop reading Ry’s Tumblr — and posts like this one are only exacerbating the problem. Usually we get blurbs about Woody Allen or Kim Gordon or shopping in NYC, but yesterday Ryan cleared the air on everything from his love for Winona Ryder to his hatred for country music. I went into the audience and handed him what I thought the ticket price was (40 bucks) and asked him to leave. Adams is in the midst of putting together another album (obviously), and he’s sopping up his creative runoff with posts to his blog, Foggy (that’s its name). Also, who she is as an actress totally inspired me and helped me form what kind of artist I wanted to be.3. The Ryman Auditorium (a shit hole in Nashville) has the balls to charge you for security when you play there but if some college kid, and I mean SOUTHERN college kid decides to get wasted and scream through 7 songs of a solo acoustic performance, they could give a fuck.“You can’t really see from the stage so I don’t know who a Ryan Adams fan actually is?

However one female friend he isn’t keen to talk about is Taylor Swift.

I guess that I am not allowed to be a human being who isn’t infallible.

“Once in a while I’ll be taking a photograph with somebody and I will stumble into them. “I’ve had people say I’m acting like a diva at a photoshoot because I was having problems with lights.

The writer who wrote it up the next morning submitted it to AP (the Associated Press) in hopes it would bring him a few extra dollars and some exposure. I seriously could give six shits about Bryan Adams or that song. His songs have ” implied target market audience” written all over them and in fact he is quite embarrassing in general. I guess it is kind of amazing he got to stand next to Tina Turner though. I used to take drugs and drink but I never did that when I was wrirting. I, like most americans, would seek some kind of peaceful bliss after a bone crushing day.

I only used speedballs (snorted not shot) at the end of my drug use, which was parallel to my last romance.

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She is so fucking smart and so fucking under the micro-scope I can’t imagine how she pulled through, but no, I was never her boyfriend. She is as hot as the sun in a hot tub on itself though and everybody knows that.

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