Who is julianna margulies dating

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Original executive producers John Wells and Michael Crichton reprised their roles.Lydia Woodward joined them as a third executive producer having previously served as a co-executive producer since the first season.Richard Thorpe, Félix Enríquez Alcalá, and Rod Holcomb were all returning directors for the third season.Thorpe continued to act as a cinematographer on some episodes in addition to directing.

Neal Baer and Lance Gentile were promoted from their second season positions as executive story editors to co-producers for the third season.Gentile continued to act as the series medical consultant.Penny Adams joined the series as a co-producer mid-season.Susan leaves anyway, but not before kissing Mark and declaring, as the train pulls out of the station, that she loves him too.In the aftermath of her departure, Mark falls into depression, develops a meaner attitude, and starts sleeping with County General nurse Chuny Marquez, although they soon break up.

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This eventually results in Gant dying by suicide by throwing himself in front of a train and despite the ER staff's best efforts, Gant eventually dies from his injuries, devastating Carter who begins blaming himself and Benton for not doing more to prevent Gant's suicide.