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Moira now runs the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation.Additionally, despite never having had a ‘green finger in her life’, Moira is now spearheading the ‘Global Gardens of Peace’ initiative to sow seeds of hope, peace and reconciliation in war or disaster torn regions of the world.William recently celebrated his 1st birthday at home with all the family and volunteers, such a special night we all shared.Baby Angel and her mother recently arrived from Paksitan, they are to commence their long and difficult jouney through some major life changing decisions. AHMED and EMMANUEL During her travels to Iraq in 1998, Moira came across two young children in a Baghdad Orphanage.Papa has come to Australia to get new ears and ear canals built, artificial implants and eye surgery.Papa’s only dream in life was to go to school which she is now happily attending with her little sister, Trishna.Papa is also an extremely gifted artist with such an amazing talent that she is currently being mentored weekly by a leading Victorian artist who competes in the Archibald Competition.

Ahmed was recently awarded “Multi Class Swimmer of the Year 2015” by Swimming Victoria.MIMOZA KESHTEJ Moira met Mimoza and her family while she was living in Abania in 2002 and brought her to Australia for major reconstructive surgery.While Mimoza has a significant physical disability, she is highly intelligent and Moira and her closest friend Louise raise the funds necessary to ensure Mimoza gets the benefit of an education.Moira devotes the majority of her time to the following work and projects. MOIRA’S CHILDREN AND EXTENDED FAMILY The core work that Moira has always undertaken, continues and will always do is to assist needy children from disadvantaged countries to receive life saving surgeries, interventions and education.Todate, Moira has been key to transforming the lives of hundreds of children and their families.

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