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Who was gia allemand dating

Other developments: During in the middle of the cocktail party, Chris asks Rozlyn to talk outside.

It was brought to Chris's attention that Rozlyn had an inappropriate relationship with one of the show's staffers and told her the staffer has been fired.

They take on a helicopter to San Gabriel Mountains for a bungee jump off the bridge. Group: Corrie, Elizabeth (NE), Ali, Jessie, Michelle, Ashleigh, Tenley and Kathryn. Jon Lovitz is asked to perform for the Bachelorettes a stand up comedy routine. Original airdate: January 25, 2010 At the start of the episode, Chris Harrison tells the remaining ladies that they will be living in RV for their trip across the coast. They are taken to a beautiful winery in Santa Ynez. Group: Corrie, Ali, Ashleigh, Jessie, Tenley and Vienna.

Runner-up Tenley Molzahn, along with finalists Gia Allemand, Ashley Elmore, Elizabeth Kitt, Michelle Kujawa and Jessie Sulidis appeared in the inaugural season of Bachelor Pad.

Jake starts his quest for finding love in Los Angeles.

Memorable moments include Ashley's stewardess costume. Jillian and Ed of The Bachelorette came to the mansion prior to the rose ceremony answering questions for the ladies.

The remainder of the cocktail party was cut short, ending during Jake's conversation with Christina.

Rozlyn gives her rose back with only now two safe roses (Ali and Elizabeth (NE)).

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The next day, they were taken to Six Flags Magic Mountain to have their fun at the amusement park.

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