Why 49year old man is dating 35 year old women

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"The uterus is a very different organ than the ovaries," Sauer said.

Under a microscope, Sauer said, the uterus changes very little with age.

"We tend to require ID now," Paulson said, noting that many IVF clinics restrict whom they give donated eggs to, with a cut-off age of 50 or 55.

Fifty-year-olds can expect to live another 30 years, and so will be able to raise their children.

"I lose my own personal comfort zone when you get over 60," he said, citing the physical, emotional and financial cost of raising a child, particularly for someone entering retirement.

But the doctors agreed that age alone should not be a deciding factor in whether a woman should be treated.

"I think society has become comfortable with [alternative] parent situations," Paulson said.

By implanting embryos produced by in-vitro fertilization using egg cells donated by younger women, women who have passed menopause can become pregnant and give birth.The study is published in the February issue of the American Journal of Perinatology.Pregnancy at older ages While Sauer said the results of the study were surprising in terms of how well older mothers did, he noted that the women were highly screened and highly motivated.It was in Sauer and Paulson's research group at USC that a 63-year-old woman became pregnant in 1996.Paulson said she misrepresented herself as 10 years younger.

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