Wicd validating authentification net work dating romania

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Even though the network is supposed to use PEAP, I tried yesterday the TTLS trick, and surprisingly enough, it worked like a charm. I tried everything to connect today, and it's not working.I installed the wicd-eduroam AUR package, it didn't work.See connected to the people that matter most with a smarter inbox.Message #5 received at [email protected](full text, mbox, reply): Package: wicd-daemon Version: Severity: serious Justification: Fails to do its job Hi, wicd-daemon comes with those two settings: - per-connection: Automatically connect to this network - globally: Automatically reconnect on network connection loss Both of which are checked here.

So to stay in the spirit, I thought I would start a thread listing the updates for 32bit and 64bit Archlinux core, extra, community, and also the community-maintained AUR repos.Nevertheless, the following happens: sudo rfkill block wlan → Status switches from “Connected to FOO” to “Not connected”, good. Even worse, when rfkill block wlan has been done, a click on “Connect” leads to “FOO: Putting the interface up”, then “FOO: Validating authentication”.It finally ends up with: “FOO: Connection Failed: Bad password”, which is utterly wrong! Debian developer | Paleino : :' : Linuxer #334216 --|-- `.The main updates will have a description of the package but the AUR will not have a description.The reason being is the AUR packages have multiple versions of the same package.

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