Windows not validating valid copy

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Windows not validating valid copy

When some time ago I proposed using this tool to a user, Brink accused me of trolling; I would do strange things with activation and whoo.

This will be more time consuming when rolling out and rebuilding. You're probably going to have to upgrade each machine individually. What you are going to have to do is upgrade each laptop from within a previously activated Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 installed on it.

Problem: I have setup one laptop and gone through the free upgrade to Windows 10 then installed our required apps etc, run Sys Prep, shutdown and cloned the hard drive to another hard drive to go into the next laptop (same model) to rollout.

Windows is then unable to activate giving error code 0x C004C003 meaning the key is blocked.

Windows 10 will use the valid product key to both activate Windows 10 and push that hardware configuration information onto Microsoft activation servers for future use. If there is no upgrade and no product key is provided (such as a clean install onto a blank hard drive), Windows 10 will calculate the unique hardware configure and look on Microsoft activation servers to see if the hardware configure was previously pushed by situation 1 or 2 above.

If it finds that Windows 10 was previously activated on that unique hardware configuration, then it will activate based upon that - without any MS account ever being used to log on. If it doesn't find that unique hardware configuration then it will not activate, no matter how many users log onto it with the Microsoft accounts until a product key is provided to create situation 2 above.

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I've not entered a product key as they are all generic now for windows 10.

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