Without registration hot chating with girls

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Without registration hot chating with girls

Jim turns his head quick and looks and Marcie freezes. MARCIE It's ten o'clock in the morning -- There's a small THUMP noise OC.

OPTICAL WIPE OF FLAMES FILL THE SCREEN, CAMERA PULLS BACK: (35mm/color/anamorphic now) CAMERA is in the midst of a large FORREST FIRE. It heads off full of water towards the raging forrest fire in the distance. He walks through a courtyard, past some young mexican and black kids playing, up a staircase and arrives at a door that is half open; JIM KURRING Hello? JIM KURRING Quietly, slow down, whoa -- MARCIE You can't just come in here. CAMERA moves into a bedroom area where we see a FIGURE from the back sitting on the bed -- NARRATOR It seems that the arguing and the fighting and all of the violence was far too much for Sydney Barringer and knowing his mother and father's tendency to fight, he decided to do something -- CAMERA reveals that it is CAMERA moves in on the YOUNG BOY, who looks INTO CAMERA. Serve and Protect and all that other blah-blah-blah on the side of the car it says -- CUT TO: CAMERA holds a CU. He speaks to someone unseen; JIM KURRING This is not an easy job. YOUNG BOY He said he wanted them to kill each other, that all they wanted to do was kill each other and he would help them if that's what they wanted to do -- CUT TO: This is a WIDE ANGLE REPLAY of the whole event. Sydney starts to jump and the film suddenly slows down... JIM KURRING Maybe so, but I'm gonna ask you one more time: Is Anyone Else In This House Right Now? Some neighbors called said they heard screaming and a loud crash.

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CAMERA closes in on an EIGHT YEAR OLD BOY, speaking with a DETECTIVE. PHONE SERVICE VOICE If you would like to hear more personal descriptions from other men in your area, press two now -- CUT TO: CAMERA observing the officers at a morning role call, DOLLIES and BOOMS DOWN towards JIM KURRING, sitting off to the side a bit by himself.

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