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Workplace dating boss

At Thera Specs, we believe that protection from fluorescent lighting and device screens falls into the category of critical “workplace safety”—notably because they can trigger people with light-sensitive conditions and/or simply make workers feel sick.

All of these directly affect employee productivity, health and happiness on the job.

Have employees keep snacks and water at their desks in case of an emergency or disaster. Make sure your important data is backed up regularly and that the backup is located remotely. This will minimize losses, and help secure your business.

There are lots of important things to cover, as a small business start with: first aid in the workplace, manual handling and fire safety.

We hadn’t originally considered this “escape from conflict” strategy until we asked for staff input.

This new business strategy for us — getting input from those whose safety is at risk — has produced common sense remedies to everyday problems, many at no- or low-cost.

Every business should have its safety standards outlined in its policies and procedures.

But no amount of planning can completely avoid the risk of accidents occurring.

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Given that people are often not taught that safety is such a big deal, this step requires reinforcement by constant talking about it and drawing people’s attention to it.