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If you need help, our "Should you stay or Should you go? If you or your partner are numbing yourselves by using addictive substances, it's very difficult, if not impossible, to have a healthy relationship (depending on the severity of the addiction.) If addictions are keeping you and your loved one apart, get the help you need from a professional. Again, whether you are the jealous one or it's your partner, you need to both look at the problem and commit to healing it.

Don't turn a blind eye to what's happening or make excuses. We offer a process that has helped hundreds of people Stop Jealousy Before It's Too Late here No More Jealousy 8.

In committed relationships and marriages, a person who is considering leaving usually mulls it over for quite awhile before he or she acts.Being married for so long we have older children some have grandkids dealing with teenagers and their reaction to the divorice empty nesters dating after 40... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top 10 Worst Case Relationship Scenarios...2-9 is what I think I was up against (Wow is all I can say). By Susie and Otto Collins A lot can happen in a relationship, especially one that lasts many years, so we've identified 10 "worst case relationship scenarios" and some pointers on how to deal with them.There's emotional or physical violence in your relationship.If there's violence of any kind in your relationship, don't make excuses for it--it's a call for help.

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