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The great thing about gin is that it can be mixed with many different herbs and ingredients such as ginger, which will help to soothe a sore throat. In fact, if I see one more online ad with a tagline like “Doctors hate her! But, the anti-aging tricks that we need are not the ones that will cost us hundreds of dollars a month.As I wrote previously, young kids can also teach us a surprising amount about getting the most from life after 60. But, if we are honest with ourselves, we all know that exercise, combined with a healthy diet, is the single best way to look and feel youthful. If you continue this process, by the end of the second month, you will be running 30 minutes a day. As parents, we often put our children’s needs ahead of our own.If you don’t have young kids in your family, why not consider volunteering at local youth center or becoming a mentor? If you are looking for a way to anti-aging “trick,” here’s an easy way to get in shape in just one minute a day. As employees, we support our co-workers and managers.Giving back has been shown to make you happier and it may just keep you feeling younger too! Now, in our 60s, it’s time to start embracing our own passions.Anti-aging creams often claim to give you a “healthy glow.” Well, I promise that nothing will make you glow brighter than knowing that you are making the world a better place, in your own special way.

By the time we reach our 60s, it’s easy to assume that “the damage has been done.” Nothing could be further from the truth. If you still smoke in your 60s, now is the perfect time to quit.

Discover the one weird trick this woman used to look 10 years younger,” I’m going to scream. Here are 7 anti-aging tricks that every woman over 60 should use.

I’m not sure what makes me more frustrated – the fact that companies think that we are naïve enough to buy their latest pills or potions, or, the fact that so many of us still fall for their lies. Nothing will make you look older and more tired than wearing a perpetual scowl. A genuine smile activates all of the good muscles in your face and tells the world that you are a confident, happy person. Continue this process until you are walking for 30 minutes at the end of the month.

These super berries are jam-packed with infection fighting qualities as they are warming, stimulating and disinfecting.

Switch up your anti-wrinkle cream for a bottle of Bombay Sapphire as juniper berries are full of antioxidants and boost the regenerating cells in your body for smoother, healthier looking skin. You don't need to worry too much about your waistline.

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In fact, it dates back to the Middle Ages when it was used as a form of herbal medicine.