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Www usdatingsite com

The last one I remember was in the , in which the author theorized that high Black mortality rates were due to a combination of cruel treatment by White doctors and a lack of Black doctors. If this were Barack Obama, Tiki-torch-toting Nazis would have descended on the White House and burned it to the ground.She even went so far as to blame the City of Dallas for not producing more Black doctors — all the direct result of systemic racism, of course, not the fact that a minimum of 120 IQ is needed to meet the intellectual requirements of an MD (85 is avg Black IQ)., the subject matter may change to some degree, but the premise is usually the same: “Racism” this. Trump called Haiti a “shithole” and played golf on MLK day, so that proves once and for all that he’s a racist. Not only that, America’s racist folks masquerading as religious folks would have used Obama’s moral failing as proof of a black pathology.The fact is that if Mr Blow couldn’t write about “racism,” he wouldn’t have anything to write about.

I find nothing more useless than debating the existence of racism, particularly when you are surrounded by evidence of its existence.

The term was used to insult a boy’s masculinity by implying that he was homosexual.

Although the implications weren’t based on sexuality (nobody thought the accused was actually gay), it was elementary psychological warfare.

A word that has transcended its literal definition and evolved into a slur used relentlessly against non-conforming Whites as a modus operandi for character assassination.

Similarly, the word “faggot” was used on the playgrounds in the 80s and 90s.

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But Mr Blow doesn’t want to debate the existence of White racism.

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