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The press release says the case "was investigated and is being prosecuted by the Attorney General’s Fraud Unit".

If I pay someone 00 for a job, and you pay the same person 0 for an opposing job - you should lose.

It's very dangerous to make assumptions about other people's money.

Do you usually have your life savings in a checking bank account and not in an IRA account?

This could affect many people in very negative ways.

I think 0k stolen should definitely get a priority to be investigated by agents over k stolen as it is more likely it will mess up lives of many people in a bad way. When two crimes both take similar effort to commit, and similar effort to investigate, I'm not sure if the higher dollar amount should be defacto prioritized. For services where it is used, anyone have opinions on using 2FA via a SMS to VOIP number with a provider who has better account security/authentication tools than most telcos (e.g. The argument for giving more priority to higher amounts is that since criminals are stealing the money, they can commit more crime with more money(in simple terms - you can buy more drugs/guns with 250k than with 2k)"I'm not sure if the higher dollar amount should be defacto prioritized."Why not? Plutocracy has been tried, and found to be devastating for society, human dignity, and the human condition in general, not to talk about the rampant corruption it invites. But ideally the advantage the 'richer' party has in influencing the effort of the investigators/judiciary to put forth more effort on their behalf is not written policy, it is corruption/cronyism.

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FBI guys are swamped with people calling, and there's just not enough agent time to go around. Ever wonder how people get away with popping someone's bank account, transferring to another local account, and walking off with the cash?

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