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[ 175, -11] If they're not even lovers and she still attended, that's even weirder ㅋㅋ 7.

[ 184, -25] The pictures did not give the impression that they were dating.

Article: UEE attends Yunho's recruit training ending ceremony... [ 938, -126] Why are people making a fuss out of this;;; come back with pictures of them holding hands or something 5.

[ 1,304, -125] 30 of his friends went including several other female celebrities who aren't as well known so are all of them dating him too ㅠㅠ 4.

According to All Kpop, they released an official statement confirming Joo Won's relationship with Bo A.

"The length of their relationship is a personal matter, so we did not inquire about it separately," it said.

and young actress Seo Ye Ji have apparently developed good feelings for each other and are in the early stages of a dating relationship.

The insider describes the couple as being open about their affections on set and the cast and crew all know about it.

This is totally Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum on the set of all over again. It doesn’t matter if Yunho and Seo Ye Ji go kaput much like Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum did after dating for a short while, I still think it’s healthy and normal to meet someone in a working environment and grow fond of each other.

[ 895, -33] It'd be weird if they weren't lovers at this point. If you're going to put out dating speculations, come out with pictures that show them on a separate date or something;;; 3.

[ 1,346, -130] Other female celebrities went to his ending ceremony too.

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