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Zune sync updating

It skipped nearly instantaneously through tracks in a playlist or during shuffle play, even while loading the associated album art.

And though the Zune's circular main control looks like the i Pod's touch-sensitive Click Wheel, it's actually a four-position directional control with a central select button.

The Zune is a bit larger and heavier than the latest 30GB i Pod, but its bright, beautiful color screen is a half-inch larger (measured diagonally) than the i Pod's.

Unfortunately, the early firmware update I obtained fell short of solving all of the synchronization glitches: When I transferred my first group of files, several just wouldn't sync.

Worse yet, the Zune desktop software refused to simply skip those files.

Still, I kept wishing that it had a more granular volume control: With only 15 steps to choose from, I kept getting stuck with one level being too soft and the adjacent one being too loud.

Videos looked crisp and clear on the 3-inch screen--and again, the extra bit of display space makes an appreciable difference over the course of extended viewing.

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Like most non-i Pod players, it includes an FM tuner and supports MP3 and WMA music files, as well as WMV, MPEG-4, and H.264 video files.

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